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Positioning Szczecin

We deal with the positioning and design of websites and online stores visible on Google. Positioning of pages This is our strength.

Interactive Agency DobrePromo will help you to automate the process of acquiring new clients from the Internet. If you do not know where to start, contact us. Together, we work out an effective method for your business.

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Seo Services

We perfectly know Google algorithms. We know how to position your website. Thanks to our experience, you can increase the visibility of your company on the internet.

Website design

We design websites adapted to mobile devices. Our websites, in addition to their excellent appearance and usability, achieve high positions at Google, with the appropriate support of an experienced positioner.

Designing of online stores

We design online stores for individual customer orders. Our online stores are distinguished by extensive functionality and easy administrative support.
Internet shops

Positioning Szczecin

Positioning of Szczecin websites SEO SEO Agency | Positioning Positioning on Google

Imagine that every day someone will visit your website and send queries. And your customer service department will handle many more orders than now. You will not have to put in so much effort to acquire new customers. You will lower the costs of advertising and automate the process of acquiring new clients. This is what you can achieve thanks to visibility on Google, and more specifically our service pozycjonowanie stron.

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Why is it worth investing in positioning?

Website positioning is currently the most effective method for the automated acquisition of clients from the Internet. The tendency to use search engines such as Google to find products or services increases every year. The range of positioning can be local, national or international, so regardless of how you run a business, you should consider positioning your business page.

What is page positioning?

Positioning of pages depends on the proper optimization of the content of the website. In addition, you should take care of valuable links leading to your site from popular sites and portals. Although you have to wait several months for the positioning effect, it is currently the most effective form of online advertising. The costs of acquiring a client due to natural visibility in the search engine are many times lower than in alternative forms of advertising. It is mainly thanks to the right strategy and relevance of keywords, customers find services or products whenever they search for them. Positioning provides your company with a steady stream of new customers. Thanks to that you do not have to go out with the advertisement to the client, the client will look for you when looking for your services. Therefore, let yourself find your clients and invest in the visibility of your company on the internet.

Do I really have to bother with my own business if I run my own business? For starters, a few dry facts. Statistics show that the number of Internet users in both Poland and the world is growing every year. It is estimated that in our country, nearly twenty million Internet users a month use the Google search engine, that is up to ninety-five percent of the total. The numbers do not lie. Anyone who runs, and therefore own business, especially on the Internet, should make every effort to ensure that its website is visible in the search results. This is where we enter the mysterious "positioning". Regardless of what password you enter in the Google search engine, we will receive hundreds, not thousands of websites. On the first of them there are positions that are considered to be best suited to the search term we are looking for.

The result page is usually divided into two parts: the right page and the first three search results are ADVERTISING, and the subsequent ones are natural search results, i.e. pages that are on the list, without paying a fee to Google. Of course, it is always worth bearing in mind that the result page for the local phrases looks different. As we have already noted, the order in which the presented websites appear is not accidental. At the top, bypassing the ads, there are websites that the Google algorithm found to be the one that best suits the password you entered. The very operation of this algorithm is not important to us, factors that have an impact on the fact that the site is as high as possible are important. If you are interested in positioning, it means that you want your website or online store to be displayed as high as possible in the search engine. Surely you will ask now whether you can not position yourself and why hire an Advertising Agency for this. Here, the answer is also simple. The Google algorithm processes about two hundred factors that influence the position of the page in the search results. Of course, we are able to position our site ourselves, but you need so much knowledge and time that it is simply unprofitable.

Our Interactive Agency deals in positioning online stores and websites. Although our headquarters is located in the proud capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship - a city Szczecin, we operate virtually throughout Poland. Our specialists have extensive experience in all activities related to the broadly defined positioning. While executing the service for the client, we take into account factors related to the content of the website itself, such as the quantity and quality of content, occurrence of keywords, content uniqueness, optimization of HTML code, etc., as well as factors related to the popularity of the website. In terms of the latter, we mainly talk about the presence on social media and links that lead to the positioned website.

Selection of the key phrase for positioning

An important element before proceeding to positioning is choosing the right key phrases. If you do not know which keywords will be suitable for your site, please write to us. We will prepare a set of proposed phrases for you, we will check their popularity and competition, while we will do an exact quote for your website. with positioning valuation. Contrary to appearances pozycjonowanie internetowych does not have to be expensive. The price is influenced by the duration of your website, the number of competitors in the search engine and the popularity of the key phrase. Thanks to the effects of website positioning, you have a steady flow of new customers.

More and more people who have their own website are convinced of how effective it is to be skillful pozycjonowanie internetowych. Properly launched activities in this area allow each positioned website to be in the forefront of the TOP 10 Internet search engine. Each page on the first page of the search engine is much more frequently visited by Internet users. Further pages of the search engines are usually much less visited, which reduces the popularity of sites located in this place. In order to achieve satisfactory results for our side, we should look for a reliable agency offering optimization and positioning of websites. Deciding on the choice of this type of solution, we gain increased certainty that the actions taken to increase its popularity will bring the desired effect. It is worth mentioning here that poorly conducted activities in this area may cause the site to be blocked or placed at a very remote location of the internet search engine. Only the interactive agency Szczecin, which is well-known, is able to cope with the task.

Is the positioning of websites profitable?

Now the most important question is: "is it worth to be high in the search results?" What benefits does the customer get by reporting to us with the need to position his website or store. The higher the number of potential visitors in the Google search results, the people who click on our link. Everything depends of course on the password entered in the search engine. If you do not believe that the password has an impact on the number of page views, go to the sample average numbers of monthly searches. These are available on the internet. It is estimated that every month, thirty-three thousand times, we search for the phrase car parts!

The higher our website is, the greater the percentage of people who are looking for a given phrase will come to it. In this respect, the statistics are quite diverse, but it is assumed that the first position includes more than fifty percent of people who searched for a given phrase. We are talking here only about one phrase, and the most often we focus on a few positions. By positioning a large number of keywords, we will collect a large number of hits from search results!

Our specialists deal with improving the position of websites and stores in search results. We strive to improve any element that has any, even the smallest importance on the position of the page. It's hard to mention all the steps we take to fully meet the task entrusted to us. Our team cares about optimizing the HTML code of a given page or store on the internet, prepares relevant, attractive content for the search engine, including keywords and headers, streamlines the website in strictly technical terms, and therefore analyzes it for errors, determines the structure strony www, also dividing it into subpages, preparing the appropriate version of the store or service for mobile devices, as well as cooperating with external companies in order to obtain links.

You can not hide that positioning of websites and online stores brings tangible benefits in the form of more visitors. They contribute to increasing the entire profit of your company. In order to effectively increase the position of a website or store in search engines, you should report to a reliable, reliable and reliable Interactive Agency. We invite you to use our services. We guarantee that our specialists will do their best to generate even greater profits for your business. Although our head office is located in Szczecin, we operate throughout Poland.

With us, your website will shine with a new, previously unknown splendor, and you will be able to devote your free time to meetings with family or friends. Entrust us with your business and enjoy the results.

How much do you have to wait for the positioning effect?

Depending on the difficulty of the phrases, the intensity of the activities carried out and the optimization of the content of the site - the first effects can be seen after a dozen or so days. Most often, however, it is necessary at least a few weeks. It is worth noting that it is not possible to guarantee the time when the positioning results will be visible. The reason is simple - no one controls the actions of search engines and can not predict how they will change. Therefore, it is uncertain what the results of the activities will be. The companies that promise the guaranteed effect after a short time should be approached with caution, because in most cases it may be an attempt to cheat, and the effects of actions will only bring damage.

Positioning - How does it work?

The positioning process itself is a series of activities carried out taking into account the principles set by the most popular Internet search engines (Google). These actions involve costs that should be incurred before you can position a given phrase. Knowledge and experience are also necessary - otherwise you can suffer large losses and harm your website at the same time. Activities aimed at increasing the position of a given page in the search results should be considered. The positioning of websites is recommended to be natural, because Google is able to punish the site strengthening links unnatural origin posted all kinds of positioning bots. Strengthening the position is a long-term process. We start work on website optimization for SEO, we publish texts related to key phrases. We bring out internal links on the customer's website. The next stage is building a back-end for the domain, to which natural links from external websites with a high Page Rank are obtained in a natural way. The back end, in turn, links to the customer's target site. The client's website is placed in thematic catalogs and then we rent sponsored links on prestigious websites.

Website design

Let us implement your new website and wave your competition from the very top of Google!

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Websites of Szczecin

Let us implement your new website and wave your competition from the very top of Google!

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Modern design

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Advanced forms

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Web design Szczecin

Every entrepreneur, regardless of whether he runs a small, one-man business or an international corporation, must take into account the strength of the Internet. It is commonly said that what is not in the network does not exist. It can not be concealed that this statement is quite right. In the era of broadly understood computerization and digitization, where civilizational progress is almost booming, the Internet is the key for every environment - employers, employees, clients, clients, etc. With this in mind, we need to think carefully about our campaign. You should start the promotion on the web from the website. Website design it is not difficult, creating a valuable website that is attractive to the client and a search engine is a real challenge. Hardly anyone realizes how much work you have to put in order for a website to encourage, and not just the opposite - pushes you away. Most people think that all you need is the right template and good content, but remember that a website is not just what we see outside, but also a lot of internal dependencies.

Web development

We have been creating websites for many years. Our specialists have learned almost all the ins and outs of the broadly conceived Internet. This does not mean, of course, that we do not follow the news. On the contrary. Bearing in mind the constant changes that are introduced by many companies, we are constantly training in the field of new, attractive solutions for our client. We are constantly up to date with what is currently on top. Agencja Interaktywna DobrePromo.pl is located in Szczecin. Although we come from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, we provide services such as creating websites for clients from almost every corner of our beautiful country. We already have many satisfied customers on our account. Many years of work in the profession allowed us to gain the necessary experience and significantly expand the range of services we offer. We are not afraid of new challenges, and thus we will meet any challenge, regardless of its difficulties.

What distinguishes us from the competition is undoubtedly a well-coordinated team. Our specialists have not only the experience necessary in this industry, but also passions and entire energy reserves. We like what we do, we carry out orders with a smile on our face. We realize that our work is also our hobby. When carrying out the tasks entrusted to us, we only have the satisfaction of our client in mind. We want to meet his requirements as much as possible, which is why we take all his suggestions and suggestions into consideration.

Our specialists are involved in creating comprehensive, interactive solutions - high quality websites, ideal for both small and large enterprises, institutions, as well as private individuals. The treatments used to build each of the websites are in most cases our own ideas. Noteworthy here: remarkable graphic design of websites, various types of tools for content management, the possibility of independent construction or extension of the site structure, or quick content update, etc. We do not only prepare websites, but also online stores, portals and websites for individual clients

With each order we also pay attention to the promotion, i.e. positioning. Most of us realize that positioning is the key to website development. Without it, our site is nothing but a showcase. We make sure that the website we create is primarily functional - moving around it was simple, almost intuitive. Thanks to this, a potential person entering it will have no difficulty in finding the content that interests it. The efficiency is our priority.

Szczecin websites

In our offer you will find almost all services related to designing and creating websites. Our specialists are constantly expanding their knowledge to meet even the most demanding tasks. Throughout the entire period of our activity, we designed and promoted many valuable websites. Our experience combined with passion allows us to create professional websites that dominate the rankings of search engines. Among the services that we do, you will find creating websites with the CMS system, performing various types of information services or internet portals, as well as performing online stores. In addition, we deal with the creation of responsive page layouts, templates and graphic designs. Among the tasks we are willing to undertake are also promotion on the web, positioning, broadly understood social media and many, many more.

If you are looking for a professional interactive agency, we are already waiting for your step today. Website design is our passion, so you can be sure that you will achieve your goal without difficulty. Thanks to a carefully selected offer and high quality services, we are sure that the website we make will significantly increase the number of potential visitors.

With us you will always be one step ahead of the competition. We guarantee that made by us www pages they meet the highest possible standards. We operate comprehensively, reliably and accurately. Customer satisfaction is the most important to us. On our account we have a number of satisfied customers, whose websites are positioning themselves in the first place of search engines. We combine knowledge, experience and passion, creating 21st century designs. We are not afraid of new challenges. Regardless of which site you want to create, we guarantee that we can meet even the most difficult challenges. Our specialists are ready to provide you with the highest quality service.

Szczecin Websites

Websites are today the main way to present the company's offer addressed to individual and business customers. A website can exist in many different forms. The simplest variation of the website is a business card. It consists of just a few tabs on which the offer of companies is described, and photos can be attached to the gallery. There is also a contact tab with a contact form and a map that facilitates access to the company. The cost of creating such a website, typically informative, is not high. Most often it can be closed in the amount of PLN 1000 net. Depending on the technology in which it will be performed, the client can get access to the cms panel, which will allow him to edit the content on the website himself. Additional costs that may be associated with the possession of such a site will apply to domain purchase and hosting. By outsourcing web design interactive agency, it will take care of providing all necessary services to make the site fully functional and serve us as we planned. What's more, the interactive agency can also take care of pozycjonowanie stron. Thanks to this, after entering a specific keyword into the search engine, the positioned page will appear in the first search results. Pozycjonowanie it can be effective both on the local market, e.g. when we are only interested Szczecinas well as globally, when we want to websites displayed in high positions, regardless of the part of the country the user will be in.

Interactive agency Szczecin

Are you looking for someone who will help your company add wings and make it start generating even more profits? This is the goal of many advertising agencies. They work in every city and Szczecin it is not an exception here. Regardless of what your business does, you may need additional advertising from time to time. Drop in orders, dead season or new, bigger competition. Each of these things makes us start looking for help, which will not only give valuable tips, but also implement our ideas for us. An advertising agency then comes to the rescue. What can you find in her services palette?

It is Interactive agency, which means that it focuses on advertising on the internet. This is the best of today's ways to reach new, potential customers. What tools and methods are used to achieve this effect? There are several options that an advertising agency can use Szczecin. The first and the most important is the positioning of pages. This method involves the use of many available techniques that affect the positioning of websites will occupy high positions in the search results. Some of the techniques that an interactive agency can use are the optimization of the site in terms of content and functionality, adding unique entries for the site to industry directories, as well as acquiring new links, for example by building a valuable background related to the site. As you can guess, positioning websites is neither quick nor does it give 100 a guarantee of getting the results you want. Therefore, to increase and accelerate the effects of advertising, positioning Szczecin can go hand in hand with other techniques to influence the traffic on the site - paid Adwords campaigns.

We have been dealing with the difficult art that is for many years web design. What distinguishes us from the competition is full professionalism. Our Interactive agency can boast of several hundred completed projects, as well as a whole range of satisfied customers, both Individual and Business. The knowledge and experience we have gathered during many years of hard work is one thing and the passion with which we carry out the tasks assigned to us is second. By combining these two factors, we can offer you reliable, tested services of the highest possible standard.

Our Advertising Agency is constantly expanding its offer. We strive to be flexible and fully adapt to the needs of today's client. We realize that in the era of globalization, broadly understood digitization and computerization, every Social Media agency must develop to meet the requirements of the clients. It is worth noting that most of the services we offer can be made within one Interactive Agency in Szczecin. We do not only design and graphic websites. Our activities include professional creation and creation of websites, implementation of various types of content management systems, high-quality design, practical, online database applications, maintenance of websites, regular content updates and constant technical support for a given website, pozycjonowanie stronalso known as SEO, advertising design, as well as broadly understood internet marketing and consulting related to it. You can, therefore, confidently say that we do not only deal with advertising on the Internet, but also all that will make your business flourish.

Although we operate within the city Szczecin, our services are already known almost all over Poland. Nobody knows as well as we do that the right online advertising can do wonders. For this purpose, it is necessary to select the appropriate Interactive Agency. Running a website, taking care of regularly updating content, positioning, competitions and advertisements, social media - running our own business we do not always have time to deal with the tedious process of creating our own image on the web. Although we realize that this is an important element of the company's strategy, we always leave it at the end. If you do not want to waste your time, and at the same time hard-earned money, using the services of the Advertising Agency is like a blessing.

Why is it worth to use the services of our interactive agency?

The answer is simple. Because we are professionals who are willing to take on everyone, even the most difficult challenge. Our rich experience and passion make web designing a challenge for us. We make every effort to ensure that our orders are made not only unconventional, but also with all client's guidelines. What makes us different is modern solutions. In all our websites, we try to implement proprietary systems that are friendly, simple and intuitive for the customer. We can confidently say that our passion is to create websites that are user-friendly, meet the highest standards in the industry, and encourage entry.

What else does the DobrePromo interactive agency do?

As we have already mentioned, our interactive agency must be flexible, that is, meet the requirements of the ever-growing globalization, as well as the client himself. As a professional advertising agency, we deal with practically all manifestations of promotional activities on the Internet. Regardless of whether they are complex promotional projects, such as advertising campaigns or creating a brand image on the web, or slightly less complex services like direct marketing or various types of affiliate programs. Throughout the entire duration of our activity, we have had the honor to work for many well-known brands, companies as well as individual clients. We conducted campaigns and positioned on a large scale. We have won many prestigious decorations confirming our skills.

When you come to us, you have to reckon with the fact that you will meet people who do what they love the most in life. Broad marketing is a source of inspiration for our Interactive Agency. We gain passion and strength from each order that motivates us to further projects. It does not matter if you order a website, positioning or an online store with us. Regardless of the size of the order, we will do the tasks entrusted to us with care for everyone, even the smallest detail. What we care about the most is the satisfaction of our clients. Regardless of whether you run a sole proprietorship or an international corporation - in our Advertising Interactive Agency you are just as important. We are professionals who are waiting for your order. We are not afraid of challenges, we will gladly undertake to create even the most demanding projects. Our determination stands out from the competition. We operate quickly, efficiently and comprehensively, taking into account all customer's instructions. We know that advertising is something that in many cases is necessary in running your own business. With this in mind, we make every effort to ensure that the orders we carry out bring prestige to your company and significantly affect its turnover and the number of potential recipients. Therefore, do not hesitate and now familiarize yourself with the offer of our DobrePromo interactive agency. Although our headquarters is located in the city of Szczecin, we can easily carry out your order, regardless of where you live. We are open to a cooperation offer. Do not be afraid to write to us with even the most extraordinary projects. We guarantee that our experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently find a way out of the situation and draw up a plan of action.

Designing online stores in Szczecin

There is no denying that creating a professional online store requires a lot of knowledge, experience and skills. A person who is "green" is not able to create even a simple website that will encourage potential customers. We, however, have been dealing with this for many years - we know what to look for and what to do to make the store attractive not only for the recipient, but also for search engines. We can confidently say that during all our activities, we have seen everything, and thus it is hard to surprise us. Of course, if you get an order with a higher degree of difficulty, we will approach it with even greater commitment and passion. We operate quickly, efficiently and comprehensively. Saying that we create online stores, we mean that we make them from A to Z, from the inside, so that finally it is prepared to generate profit.

Online stores Szczecin

Many of you want to find out what services we provide in the area of ​​creating professional online stores. It is difficult to list all the processes that take place during this type of order. What we do every day is primarily the creation of an individual online store website with an attractive, personalized graphic design. It is said that the first impression is the most important, that's why the graphics we create encourage, not repel, are toned down, but at the same time it falls in the memory, tempts and attracts. We make sure that the entire storefront is transparent to the potential visitor. In addition, we also deal with the mobile version of the online store, which is the adaptation of the website for the needs of mobile devices. One of the most important aspects of creating an online store is SEO and its associated advertising campaign. At your request, we also deal with the positioning of the site. What you get from us is professional, comprehensive technical support and constant updating of the content of the site. We want each project to be different from the previous one, which is why we are introducing additional modifications aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the store, both for the visitor and the search engines. At your request, we will quickly and efficiently transfer data and information from the old store to the new site. Our services also include broadly understood comparison websites, MultiStore, integration with wholesalers, creation of warehouse programs, integration of the store with Allegro or other portals, e-Payments, couriers, etc. In a word - we deal with everything that in some way relates to the creation of online stores.

Why is it worth investing in your own internet shop?

Your own online store it is undoubtedly a big sale facilitation. In the 21st century, in the era of broadly understood globalization, almost all of us have access to the Internet at home. Although our earnings are increasing, we have less and less free time. For maximum savings of both money and the rest of free time, we reach for a computer, laptop, tablet or phone and it is through it that we search for interesting things or services. Year by year less and less of us decide to leave the house to buy a blouse or earrings, and more and more looking for the desired goods in online stores. An appropriate promotion combined with effective positioning will allow the online store to climb to the first search position. Thanks to this, your business will gain a lot more customers than in the case of traditional sales.

It is already child's play now. Entrust us with your business and enjoy tangible benefits. We guarantee that in the short term you will notice not only a sharp increase in potential customers, but also profits. Own online shopjust as the website is the first step to get above the competition and climb to the top. Remember that our rivals are not asleep. Perhaps right now they are devising a clever plan for a modern marketing strategy? Do not delay! If you want to create a high quality online store, contact our specialists today. We invite you both to visit our interactive agency, which is located in Szczecin, as well as an e-mail contact. We guarantee that our consultant will contact you as soon as possible, answer all questions, advise and identify the most desirable services. Remember, we have knowledge, passion and experience - we will take care of your business as your own.

Opinions about our company

100% of reviews our opinions are about our company positive. Check on Google Maps, on Facebook, ask our clients or enter in the search engine :). We are a reliable company with experience. And many companies trusted us not only from Pomerania!

Your company deserves a decent website and its promotion on the internet. Get us your project and get ahead of your competition.

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