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Positioning the pages with a company blog

Positioning the pages with a company blog

positioning of the blog

A good company supporting the positioning and promotion of the website is running a company blog.

Positioning of websites using company blogs is an increasingly frequent SEO practice.

Why is it good to run a blog in the company's domain and how best to use it to improve the site's position in the search results? He answers these and other questions SEO agency from Szczecinwith many years of experience in effective positioning of websites and online stores.

Blog and content marketing

Blog is the best place within the site where you can regularly publish large quantities of articles. High-quality content, systematically added to the website, improves its position in the search engine ranking, and at the same time affects the building of a credible image. Of course, you should ensure that the texts added on the blog are valuable, original and in some way associated with the main profile of the company. Ideally, they are desirable and sought after by clients. That's how it works content marketing. It provides important content, often answers to serious questions, helping to build a professional and trustworthy company image - both at clients and in Google's opinion. Creating good texts for a blog requires specialist knowledge, so they will be a good showcase for your company. If for what reasons you are not able to write your own texts for a company blog, for example due to insufficient free time or lack of employees, this task will be performed by a partner cooperating with you SEO agency, employing experienced copywriters.

Blog and strong SEO links

Positioning of Internet sites it always looks the same. Regardless of whether it concerns the city of Szczecin or any other part of Poland, it is about gaining strong links that lead to your website. SEO agency it can acquire them in various ways - more or less secure. Linking with a blog and valuable articles is the most natural and the most valuable method. How can you like that SEO links gain? First of all, through links placed on other pages, linking to the content you create. Owners of other websites will be happy to post such links to themselves, provided that the created article is in their opinion important to your audience. Creating instructions, tutorials, as well as photo-reports on the performed works is the best way to attract new readers and encourage them to visit and link to your website frequently.

Blog and long tail positioning (long tail positioning)

Have you heard of something like this positioning on the long tail (long tail positioning)? It involves the use of key words or key phrases, combined with other passwords that can be entered into the Google search engine. Due to the large amount of content, the blog is perfectly suited for this purpose, allowing the natural look of the keywords used. An experienced SEO agency is able to achieve excellent and above all lasting effects of positioning, using a long tail in combination with local positioning for a specific city or province.

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