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What is important in positioning websites?

What is important in positioning websites?

Appointment pozycjonowanie www is very often used on the internet. Not only at industry forums, but also during the talks of entrepreneurs running their business online. More and more attention is paid to the company websites they were "well positioning". But what does the term well mean? Is there any gold recipe for the positioning to bring the results we expect, guaranteeing entry to the top of the pages in the search engine ranking. We will take a closer look at this.

What is positioning?

Website positioning Szczecin

In the simplest terms, it is a set of actions aimed at breaking a specific page into higher positions, search results of a specific phrase. We note, however, that this is a very far-reaching simplification. Why? Because with the creation of the Google algorithm more and more intelligent, the effectiveness of the so-called positioning on a phrase. This means that to increase traffic on a website, entries should be obtained from several directions. That's why it becomes a standard long tail positioningor "long tail". The long tail is a sequence of different keywords, interrelated and complementary. The use of this positioning method is more advantageous, due to the greater chance of hitting a more limited search for Internet users. Let's go to explain where to start pozycjonowanie page.

Before you start positioning your website, first audit and optimization.

SEO optimizationThis is the starting point for positioning each of the websites. The optimization of pages is based on its thorough checking, at every possible angle. The goal of this task is to make sure that the site meets modern standards, is it comfortable to use, displays correctly on all devices, and whether there are no language errors, untranslatable sentences in the texts, and finally whether the content is original and substantive. To get answers to all these questions, you need to do an audit. In the network you can find free tools to conduct an automatic audit of the site. However, they never replace a detailed audit performed by an SEO specialist. A hand-carried audit is more accurate and can focus on things that are not yet included in online generators.

Good content is the foundation of SEO.

You have certainly heard the term "king is content". How much is the truth in it? In our opinion, there are many, although there is no lack of votes, that the content is not so important for search engines and you can try to outsmart it. Of course, some people can do it, but you have to expect that the effects will be short-lived. Why? Google's programmers are constantly working on improving the algorithms of the search engine so that the results are the most relevant to the users' expectations. So you can expect that the page positioned by methods black hat seo, when the algorithm is next updated, it will simply lose high positions, or worse, a ban or filter will be applied to it. Then, restoring the page to the old places will become even more difficult. To avoid such problems, we recommend using only "natural" and user-friendly methods of positioning, incidentally, raising the substantive value of your site. Such methods are generally called white hat seo. What can be included?

Unique descriptions

is an offer for people who run online stores. It is very likely that you have universal descriptions in your store, delivered to the goods supplier. Using them is convenient at the beginning - but it is not a method to gain customers. Especially if you offer the same goods that are available in dozens of other stores. Writing unique texts describing your assortment in detail is a great starting point to strengthen the content on the website, making it attractive to search engines and users. Descriptions of products should be used to include in them keywords that we mentioned earlier. You have to do it wisely, not exaggerating with their artificial density, and also apply natural varieties.

Texts on subpages

Treat your website as the most important communication channel with clients. When preparing texts for a website, remember about each tab. From the main page, through the tabs with the offer, to the contact. The pages to be indexed in the search engine should receive high-quality, factual texts without any errors. An additional value may be related photos. Graphics are another element on the page that can be used for positioning. A small number of pages are still positioned by images. And this is one of the most effective methods for getting high positions. This is especially important if you're in an industry where image search is common. This can be the case with house designs, furniture and clothing. Carefully describing photos by giving them the right names, title tags and alt, speeds up their indexing in Google and searching in the graphics tab. By clicking on the photo, you can then move to the landing page where it was posted.

Good positioning principles


Let's think about what strategy to take when positioning the page. A separate topic of discussion is whether it is worth setting up your own facilities and maintaining them, or is it better to stay with free blogs or use publications sponsored on other websites. However, the most important thing for permanent results is regularity. Many companies make one basic mistake. At the beginning of his activity, he invests in quite small amounts of money. After some time - half a year, a year or a little longer, when the site has reached the designated positions, they give up further positioning of the site, abandoning cooperation with a company that has achieved such effects. What are the consequences of such a decision? The site is gradually starting to drop to lower positions, driven out by the competition websites they are positioned all the time. We come to a very important thing here, namely regularity. The fact that a website takes top positions does not mean that it will be like that forever. This is the result of hard work, the interruption of which will cause the effect to lose its force. Competition on the internet is not asleep and if you do not act in the niche you are a leader, you can be sure that by interrupting the positioning of your site, you let someone else into your place.

If you've been adding blog entries regularly, updated your descriptions, used blogs, and other SEO activities, do not interrupt it now. Acting systematically, you consolidate your high position.

Financial investments in positioning should be treated as one of the costs of running your business, translating into real profits in subsequent years.

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